It was the best of times. . . .

It was the best of times it was the worst of times. . . thus goes my life some days. Today has actually been a good day, so far. I subbed for an English class at Payson High School today, and English classes are usually pretty calm. They also have only four periods a day, so the prep period is long, which means I have lots of time to read. Today I read a book that was published in 1969, “Lisa, Bright and Dark” — it was about a girl going crazy, and her parents and other adults would not recognize what was happening, but her friends did and tried to help her. Interesting story, that hit kind of close to home for me. Last week I read three books while subbing, as there was a student teacher, and nothing for me to do. I guess I could have a worse job than reading and getting paid to do it. 🙂 — Those kind of days make up for the really bad ones though. The ones when I wonder why I put myself through it, the being called names days, the out of control classes days, the I’m already tired, and have a headache, and I have to go to work days. . . . but I guess the paycheck and being able to pay my bills is worth it. Tomorrow I will be going to do the Medieval thing at Young Living, a group of about 80 students will be coming. Guess it’s a good thing I’ve gotten good at dealing with large groups of students!

I will have the evening to myself tonight, as the kids will be at the play, and Brittanie doesn’t have treatment. Perhaps I will be able to get more caught up on the laundry. I’ve decided that laundry is truly an eternal thing. When I create a world, it won’t have dishes or laundry! Oh, Silly me, if those are eternal principles, they will be around forever. Maybe I will just have minions to do them for me though. . . having spent far to much (or maybe not enough) time in this life time on them.

I may also have a nap, or watch a movie tonight. I didn’t sleep very well last night, to many things going on in the background of my mind I guess. Maybe one day I will be able to resolve the things that cause the lack of rest. I keep working on it, and slowly am healing and coming to realizations. One day, maybe I will be able to feel happy. I look forward to that, to feeling happy more than I feel sad. The other day I wrote two pages of rambling questioning thoughts. It was good to put all the hurt and questions into words, at least that way it was getting it out of me. Writing is good for my soul. — Well, guess I’d better stop writing, and get some food going to nourish some of the bodies around here. . . I’m sure they are all starving. More later. . .


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