Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety, Jig

Okay — so I spent a wonderfully relaxing New Years with Melanie and Jeremy in Las Vegas. Mostly I vegged, and ate, and watched movies, and played hearts. Exactly what I needed after working so hard to get Brittanie moved. (Which by the way is pretty much done, barring a few odds and ends I am gathering up from around the house.) –but back to my story. When pressed for specific time when I was leaving to come home, I basically said, “When I feel like leaving.” — and left it at that. Fortune smiled upon me, because we ended up leaving fairly early (well at least for me)in the afternoon.

In any case, Cameron, Sean (who had been visiting Melanie and Jeremy over the Christmas break) and I headed out, a little after 2:00, Las Vegas time (making it a little after 3:00 MST); We’re driving down the road, making good time, Sean and Cameron are watching a LOTR’s movie, and just as we left the Moapa Indian Reservation, the sound of the tires on the road changed. At first I thought it was just that the pavement had changed — but it became readily apparent that I had a flat tire. With the help of Sean and Cameron, I got the tired changed to the spare, and we limped into Mesquite, where, fortunately, the Wal-Mart was open even though it was New Years Day. I told them to repair the flat, and remount it if they could. Promising to check it out, the tire crew took over. Moments later I heard what sounded like a gunshot. No one was shot, but my tire had given its all, exploding when the technician put air in whilst trying to determine where the puncture was. So, I ended up buying two new tires, (because upon inspection one of the other tires was worn badly as well). Two hours after the onset of the flat tire, (time which Cameron and Sean filled with watching the movie, hurray for laptops), we were on our way again, with the bulk of the trip ahead of us. But, the adventure doesn’t end there.

Several hours down the road, as I went over bumps — there was a scraping sound. It happened once, then again, and again. Feeling wary after my experience with the flat tire, I pulled over at the Yuba Lake exit. We tried to determine what was causing the scraping sounds. Sean, using his cell-phone for light, checked under the car. There was a narrow piece of rubber hanging down — which I pulled off. Sean repeatedly assuring me it was a piece of tire tread we’d somehow picked up. Not noting anything else, we continued on our way. We drove nearly to Nephi without incident — but once there, the scraping sound happened again as we hit dips or bumps in the road. Not wanting to stop, I slowed down a wee bit, hoping we would make it the 60 odd miles to Spanish Fork. We did, rolling in around 11:00 p.m. a typical 5 1/2 hour trip taking a mere 8 hours. I then took Sean to Provo in Katie’s car.

Fast forward — today I took the car in because the oil needed changing and I thought maybe when they did that they could perhaps see what was causing the scraping sound. Sean, that piece of rubber, it WASN’T tire tread. There was more of it under the hood. My serpentine belt was shredding a piece at a time, in places being 1/3 of what it should be. That is what the “tire tread” was. We were very lucky to make it home.

So I am getting a new belt, oh, and the brakes need to be done too. Tires, brakes, belts, it wasn’t an expensive trip to Vegas, no, not at all.

PS: In all seriousness, I am sure my driving guardian angel was working overtime to get us all home safely — I am truly blessed. 🙂


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