Mixed Feelilngs

I haven’t taken time yet to write about the last few days, Jason’s “speak in Sacrament meeting day” and getting him off to the MTC — it has all been such a whirl of activity — then I crashed and slept for about 14 hours straight. Now I am feeling human again, and am faced with resurrecting my house from all the aforementioned activity. Amazing what a metaporphosious my house can undertake — my week from last Wednesday was like this —

Wednesday tend kids, try and do some cleaning up in between chasing Joslynn, tear apart downstairs bathroom, put in new linoleum, attempt to install toilet, pick-up Dillan from school, keep cleaning, run to Home Depot, meet Katie there, skip class to go to Cameron’s choir concert with Katie, come home and work on projects, try three times to get toilet installed, give up planning to work on it later. . .

Thursday — kids, chase Joslynn, forget to pick up Dillan from school, send Jaimie to pick up Dillan, clean – do some cleaning, go to school, instead of going home after school, go with Jason to his old house and soak in the hot tub for several hours — ahhhh– a much needed break. Home around midnight. Promise myself I will clean tomorrow.

Friday — no kids, no school. Clean, clean, clean, and clean some more. Get after Jason to get his things packed, and all of the last minute things done he needs to finish. (He gets some of them done.) Work on my To Do list– in planning and preparing for Sunday, clean the kitchen, frontroom, get the downstairs bedroom put together so Melanie and Jeremy will have a place to stay when they arrive, and vacate the house so Jason can have a romantic dinner-date with Sara here. Pick up Masques for Cameron for his Masquerade Dance, go to Brittanies and tend Joslynn while she goes to a corn maze; put together a book of Jason’s missionary stuff, actually get some studying done for my D&C midterm, go to the store on my way home; arrive home just before Melanie and Jeremy get her.

Saturday — spend some time with Melanie, clean kitchen, again, make plans for the evening, URGE Jason to get some packing done, (doesn’t work, he’s off galivanting and spending time with Sara); watch the babies while the girls practice their song for Sunday, fit in a little more studying for D&C class, arrange for a babysitter for the play, console daughters because boyfirend/husbands do not want to go to the play with them, try and tactuflly prevent WWIII from breaking out among my children who are all here at the same time, take care of the food for Sunday, find and help Cameron get ready for his dance, finish cleaning– finally! Run to the Dead Bread Store to pick up buns and cookies. Miss Toma and Laura – Leave at 6:30 for Draper to go and see Josh and Lindsay in “Lucky Stiff” — drive through massive rainstorm, arrive with enough time to spare to grab something to eat, buy treats for Katie, and Swedish Fish — which I then end up most of them to Brittanie and Jason — sit back and enjoy the show. Wait afterwards for Jason and Katie to chat with Lindsay and Josh, get Melanie back so she can feed her baby. Worry about Jason getting home early enough that he can finish up his talk for Sunday.

Sunday: Sleep in until Joslynn wakes up! I am grateful church doesn’t start until 12:30. Find Sunday clothes– enjoy the mass confusion of everyone getting ready at once, visit with Jared and Eileen, and Tom and Laura — put the meat in the oven to warm up. Dressed and ready to go, complete with nylons. Arrive, actually on time to see assembled family and friends. Watch as the chapel fills up, including the back — with many of Jason’s friends. Sit back and enjoy Jason’s talk. He reminds me so much of his father at times, like when he said he thought about a concept for hours, I knew he truly did. Even the way he held his head, and paused during his talk while he was thinking. He spoke about Conversion, and how everyone has to be converted in their own time frame and how it feels like, and he shared his own conversion experiences that happened when he was in Friends of God, Mahonri, the playwright was in attendance. Move over to tend Joslynn while the girls’ sing — beautiful! Listen to John Barney’s talk, excellent, and given just days after his father died. After the meeting I met some of his friends I hadn’t yet had the pleasure of meeting — then it was back home to assemble a meal for 50+ people! Oh my, what a houseful, ranging from Alex at five months old to Grandpa Luthy at 69 years old; we had a houseful. The majority were Jason’s friends and fellow thespian, musicians, and people from his work. There was actually enough food fore everyone — thanks to my Mom — she made funeral potatoes and several beautiful vegetable trays, along with those we had barbequed or plain beef on buns, chips, green beans (compliments of Jason’s Italian teacher), and raspberry lemonade, with cookies for dessert. LouElla brought over a tray of cookies and stayed to help get everything ready, bless her heart! Art Spear brought Jason a gift, a cast picture of The Prince and the Pauper. After eating, most of the youngesters headed outside and played a rousing game of Red Rover — David and Dillan even got in on the fun. A few more people left, but those that were left started playing improv games; I went downstairs to try and take a nap, but I dreamed a herd of elephants was running amok in my house, giving up on sleeping I went upstairs and watched the games, laughing at the crazy scenarios they came up with.

Finally, around sixish, they all headed out to The Royal Palace, where Jason had made arrangements with Mike Boothe to use it for the evening. A concert/jam session then ensued, People who didn’t make it to the afternoon activities showed up, along with many who hung out all day– and much music was played, and hanging out was done. I went over for about an hour. . . then I returned the cookie sheet to LouElla, and ended up visiting with her and Mike until 10:30 — when he left to go lock up the theatre. Then it was home again, where Jason, Sara, and Adam returned, and watched Dead Poets Society — I attempted to watch it with them, but my body rebelled, and I went to sleep — reportedly, there was a meteor shower that night, which they watched after the movie. Who needs sleep? Right?

Monday- tended children, cleaned up some from Sunday, did homework for editing, reminded Jason of important things he HAD to get taken care of Today! — Jason slept until I woke him up— then did get a few of the items done, and spent the remainder of the day/evening/night with Sara. I went to class — then came home and did some more homework — imagine that.

Tusday — The day that didn’t end for me until after 3:00 a.m. tending kids, with Jaimie’s help! Bless her heart. almost D-day (being departure day) — Made my final To Do list to get Jason off to the MTC — made anouther one for Jason, woke him up, and we got going on both of them. Jason to the eyedoctor at ShopKo where I net him and we picked out a camera for him to take, I also got his current converter, and the rest of his garments, before I had to go to school.

Being his ususal self — Jason had procrastinated, and now he had to get it all done. I tracked down his ordination, and sent him to get a copy of his immunization papers, he did so, then spent the rest of the afternoon with Sara— I went to school, but left my class early to be home in time for his setting apart as a missionary– he arrived at 6:30 — when we were supposed to be at the Stake Center, changed his clothes (in less than a minute) — and we were off, only 10 minutes late. After receiving some wise counsel from President Boothe, he was set apart and given a beautiful blessing from President Badsgaard, including being given “the gift of tongues” and the knoweledge that his Dad was there and would be supporting him on his mission, also blessings for his family while he was gone and special support for his mother — I was most grateful.

We went to the store to pick up bacon, saufage, orange juice for breakfast, and also the medical items he might need, like cough syrup, cold and flu medicine, tylenol, etc. Then it was home, and he began to actually sort and pack in earnest (albeit with sidetrips for a game and eating). I sorted, marked, and packed along with him, fumed and fretted because he was so scattered with what he was doing, and finally just accepted that it would get done on HIS time-frame not mine. Throughout the evening several friends stopped by to say goodbye as well. At one point, he halted the proceedings to present me with my Christmas gift — he wanted to see me open it. After I opened it, I knew why he wanted to see my reaction — he and some of the other kids(I’m not sure who chipped in) — but they got me a set of Raggedy Ann and Andy nutcrackers. It was wonderful, and Katie caught my reactions on camera. Brittanie brought the kids over around 2:00 am — so Dillan hung out for awhile watching Jason pack. After doing all I could of the actually packing of his missionary bags, I hemmed three pairs of his pants — then, leaving a still cluttered, but mostly packed (well all of his missionary stuff) son, to finish (all the while listening to Dave Matthews — can I say I am Dave Matthes saturated?) Adam was great, hanging out and keeping him on track, and giving helpful advice. I finally went to bed around three a.m. waking up several times, I could here him singing, he was making a tape for Sara, imagine that. He had stayed up all night, again. I guess in a way that was good, he probably wouldn’t have been sleeping anyway.

Wednesday — Today was the day. I woke up at 7:30 having gotten a few hours of sleep — and then went back to sleep myself– getting up at 9ish, I actually cooked breakfast! Pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, grits with cheese, and orange juice. Jason was bleary-eyed but excited and we finished up with breakfast in good time, and left with just enough time to get to Provo and have some passport pictures taken (we forgot he had to have four to take with him) — on the way there I also realized we hadn’t gotten the notarized copy of his Elder’s Ordination copy/certificate– making a pitstop, (it being 11:40 by the time we got to Provo) — he went to Allen’s for the pictures, and I went to Wells Fargo bank, where they agreed to do the notarization for me even though I didn’t have an account there and let me know there would be a five dollar charge — I was just grateful to be able to get it done, and the notary waived the charge, lbess her heart. In the meantime, Jason had successfully gotten his passport type pictures, and we had 7 minutes to drive from University Avenute to the MTC — which we did in record time. Then we joined the throng of arriving missionaries and their families. First we dropped off his luggage — at section 34, then back to the main door, I went through one and he went through another, after he was checked in, receiving an all important food ticket, room assignment, and contact information for me –we were reunited and given time to take pictures; this was a moot point as I had forgotten my camera, Jason’s was packed in his things, and my phone with its picture taking abilities was still in the car; so we chatted, then went down to the chapel where the arriving missionaries and their families were given a welcome and short briefing; We sang Called to Serve, and Jason sang each stanza with a different voice– I had to laugh quietly to myself — and I kept poking him in the ribs. The Mission president spoke, and his wife and counselor –all assuring us our sons/daughters were in good hands. Then after a short video presentation, it was time. He told me he loved me, hugged me, then saying goodbye, he walked out the door, not looking back. And me, I sighed with relief! He was there, and despite tearing up just a little, I know it is exactly where he needs and wants to be. And so, the saga continues. . . later


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