Plumbing! Arrrrgggghhhhh!

Plumbing! Arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh! Yes, in case you didn’t guess, plumbing is my nemesis. Why do I think I can master the plumbing beast? It sounded like a simple enough project. Replace the corroded turn-off valves, pull out the old sink, and install a new sink. Well, in theory it worked, it LOOKS like it should work, but there is water coming out of places where water isn’t supposed to come, and of course there is no such thing as a standard size, so one size of braided waterline is too short, and the other is too long. And of course, my bathroom, couldn’t have a flat even floor —oh no, it has to be old and uneven so the sink base doesn’t sit levelly, and hence neither does the sink top, which in turn makes it a wee bit difficult to tighten the faucet down. I’m sure there’s a way to make it all work, but I haven’t figured it out yet, and I haven’t yet been reduced to swearing and tears (well maybe just a few tears because I wish Kelly was here to be the one wrestling with this plumbing demon.) The good news is I did get the new turn-off valves properly installed, so at least I can turn the water to the house back on.

I still have to uninstall the new toilet I just installed last week, and redo the whole tank on top of the seat part, and do it so it doesn’t leak. And it pains me to take it out, after all the blood, sweat, swearing, and tears it took for me to get it in! Taking the old toilet out and wrestling with the fact that due to corrosion the little bolts that hold the base down were broken off, and the seating ring (or whatever it is called, there is an official name which I learned from the helpful Plumbing Guy at Home Depot which I can’t remember at the moment) was under a layer of cement. The Plumbing Guy was helpful and gave me a replacement doohickey which was supposed to solve the problem – and it did half-way, but due to my lovely uneven floor, I got to learn how to use a shim so I could get a tight fit. Eventually, I succeeded in getting the base to fit snugly to the floor, and carefully following the instructions I mounted the tank onto the base, turned the water on, started filling the tank, and so far so good, but no, what is this, a little leakage, fine, I’ll just tighten it a bit more. . . . and to test the flushing capacities, which proved that it wasn’t just a little leak, but a gushing of water from the tank onto the floor. After trying to get in to work three times, I gave up, being a damp, soggy, mass of sweat and frustration.

Fortunately, I was able to turn off the newly installed water turn-off valve to the toilet, leaving an empty tank. Methinks I have to do it the other way, which means I’ll have to do all over again, once I get the tank on properly. So, here I am with a partially functional bathroom (the tub/shower still works). And a facade of sink and toilet that looks pretty – but isn’t functional. Mayhaps I should have called a plumber!

Disclaimer: Plumbing is one of the few things (along with car type mechanics) that can drive me to swearing, I am not responsible for what I say while under the influence of the plumbing/mechanic demon.


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