Good News

Greetings All,
I have good news and bad news. The good news is after pleading my case and soliciting the help of my professor in an appeal to the advisement director for my department at school, they are going to let me count a repeat class for credit this semester. This means IF I can successfully complete all 14 credit hours by the end of December, and do two more classes Winter Semester, I will graduate in April. Woot! (There will be a big party and a book burning at that time!)

The downside is that in order to accomplish this, having so much writing to do (four of the five classes are writing classes) I will be rather scarce at fighter practice, and most other social activities at least until January. But, I will be thinking of you all, I will be at Toys and I’m planning on Solstice (SCA events), and going to Idaho for Thanksgiving. So, if you don’t here from me between now and then, well, you’ll know why!

That is all — Cheers,


PS: In plumbing news — I almost have the toilet situation conquered, however I cracked the tank, grrrrr tightening it too much, today I will find out if the sealant, (guaranteed to work) will actually work, as it has now dried almost a full twenty-four hours. This has been your KPU (KyneWynn’s Plumbing Update)


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