Doing a Happy Dance `

So, I checked today to see if my last grade had been posted, fully expecting it to be a B- or a C — and I was thrilled — to see an A-, and this for the editing class that was my nemesis all semester! This makes me soooooooo happy. I know grades aren’t everything, but there’s this little part of me that has this, if it’s not all A’s and B’s then I’ve failed, mentality. I know, not really realistic, but regardless (and please note I said regardless NOT irregardless as per correct usage) it is there, this having to do well and get good grades mantra in the back of my head. . . . and now back to my “favorite little terrorist” as Jaimie has dubbed her. That child can destroy a room in two minutes or less, she’s currently trying to open a box of chocolates she pulled out of my headboard. It’s a good thing her mom will be here soon. There is definitely a reason that the young are usually the parents. I’m quite content to simply be a grandparent at this stage of the game.

Cheers, KyneWynn


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