Jan 16th Letter

Letter from Jason Jan 15, 2008

So, a week gone by. I get the feeling that they’re going to be fast like this one was, in the future, though. …yeah. Anyway, Kudos to Mel and Katie for writing me. Kudos to Karina C for writing me as well. I finally got letters in the mail. Three! that was amazing. One from Mom, one from Karina, and one from Sara. I could still smell the perfume, even though it had been nine days. So in answer to your question, and to repeat, packages should probably be sent to the mission home. They can be sent to me here in Foggia, but if there’s any mis-haps, chances are good that I won’t receive it at all. But all mail of the letter type, send to me here!!!! Otherwise I have to wait for Weeks until there’s a zone conference or something to get it. Send it here. Happy birthday Dillan. Way to go on making it to 6 years old.

Haven’t heard from B_____ yet, but he’s still cool. Way to go Cameron on passing your classes! Be a good driver. Do NOT fall into the habit of becoming a Utah driver. Ugh, they’re so awful. Have fun at Estrella.[a medieval re-enactment war] Kill a person for me, won’t you?
So is it really all that cold, there? We’re about on the same lattitude, but I guess I’ve got a pretty big Sea keeping the weather nice and warm. And by that I mean 40 or 50 degrees, but still, not bad. Just yesterday and today were the first days I didn’t use my coat. Way to go on the new mailbox post. I’m sure it looks better now.

Oh, and to answer the question of the hour, YES!!!! I DID indeed get to play Anziano Mario’s Guitar. Just for a few minutes. But it was two months worth of dreams come true. Oh my gosh it was wonderful. It was pretty rough for the rest of the day, though…you know like when you’re REALLY hungry, and then you eat a few crackers or something, and even though you just ate something, you are now MORE hungry than you were before. Yeah, it was kind of like that. But still, it was nice.

Anyway, on to the cool stuff. So we’re teaching this lady named Sorella Manzo. She’s a member, but hasn’t been active for more than 10 years. But, after we visited with her, she’s BACK! and with a vengeance. She’s been doing some soul searching, and likes being back at church. She’s come the last two weeks. So cool. So then, we were doing a family home evening with her, and her daughter (married) was there. Her daughter Angela was getting all interested in where we came from before this life. We gave a quick overview, and made an appointment to come back. We went back, and taught them the plan of Salvation. It was AMAZING!!! Angela was crying pretty hard at one point. She’s been married for two years, and has had three miscarriages. Pretty hard stuff. Tonight we’re teaching the Restoration, which includes the bit about eternal families. I think she’ll like it. She’s been praying, and thinking about baptism, and reading from the BoM. It’s so awesome to see people’s lives changed by the Spirit, and by the message that we bring as missionaries. We’ve already changed her life. There’s seriously SO much joy in missionary work. I hope she can find out just how deep the rabbit hole of joy goes in the gospel.

I’m starting to be able to understand more and more when people are talking. I still don’t say a lot. When Italians talk, they talk until they get cut off. There are not may pauses, and if you speak slowly, they’ll cut you right off. So, I listen, and Anziano Carley does most of the talking. But, I can understand most of it now. Unless they’re speaking Foggiano. All over Italy are different dialects. It’s not like in the US where just the accent changes, they’ve got totally differnt words. It sounds like a cross between Swedish, Finnish, and Italian. So wierd. But the regular Italin I do just find comprehending. Reading the Book of Mormon helps, too, because I can see how they structure their sentences here. Reflexive verbs are the hardest. It’s always “to the direct Object pronoun, The subject Verbs this action” Like, to you, I say. or to you all, we say. So in the scriptures, what is usually “Behold, I say unto you” becomes “Ecco, ti parlo.” or “to you, I say” Also, adjectives go after the noun. “Mio figlio diletto” which literally translated is My son beloved. So crazy. But you get used to it when you hear it all the time.

Well, missionary work is exactly that…work. My whole body is tired. My feet have been hurting for two weeks straight, and running to catch a bus after a dinner appointment here would pretty much kill anyone. BUT, there’s no place on earth I’d rather be. Golly it’s great to be here.
Thanks for all the letters, and correspondence, and whatnot. Be jealous, ’cause the food here rocks. I pray for all of you every night. Have fun for me there, because all my fun is being had here. Keep the faith, do your thing. Try dedicating your life to something. you get a lot more out of life when you do. Toodles.
Love, Anziano Jason Fullmer

(PS, put Anziano on my letters, not “Elder” The postal workers know that any letter with “Anziano” on it goes into our mailbox. “Elder”s might be lost forever. Oh, and anyone can write me emails, I just can’t email back. but I can write letters back, so yeah. More letters!)

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