Another two down. . .

assignments that is, for my poetry writing class; Only three more lessons and two tests to go. I can tell by now that I will never be a great poet, but, at least now I know why! These are my latest efforts, to be turned in this week.

This is a poem in free verse, following a pattern of 7 lines, 7 lines, 4 lines, repeat with a 1 line ending. . .


Silence awakens me.
Reaching out to emptiness,
I realize he’s not there.
I stumble, sleepy still,
To urge him to come

The TV blares, emitting a flickering light.
I turn it off –sudden silence descends.
Turning, I see him
laying there,
in silence.

He’s sleeping, I think,
He must be cold,
He is cold, realization dawns,
too cold.

Silently, surreality sets in as I
confront slack face and rolled back eyes.
In controlled panic
I breathe for him
My warm lips on his cold, unfeeling ones
One, two, three, four, five, breathe, compression–

Approaching sirens pierce the early morning stillness.
I glimpse the childrens’ faces in the glow of flashing lights.
Suddenly, the room is filled, paramedics rush
To his side, in massive confusion, they take him away,
And silence descends
As I walk through the misty morning air
To a waiting car.

In a sterile room, empty now, except for me, and
His still form–sprouting wires and tubes;
I memorize his face in
Suffocating silence.


If the formating works correctly, you should see a caterpillar and a butterfly in the shpape of this poem, an example of a “concrete” poem.


                             Fuzzy             Green
                     Creeping      Tickling      Eating
               Earthbound Cocoon Delicate Thread
                Emerging     Winged      Flitting
                        Shimmering   Gossamer
                                            ! !


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