Anziano Saga Number Something

Email from Jason January 30, 2008,

Ok, so I was like, half way done with this, when my camera’s batteries died while it was uploading pictures, and the computer restarted for some reason. So, I lost it all. But, I’ll try to write it all again in its original glory of wit and sincerity and whatnot. So, that means no pictures this week, but all’s well. I’ll figure something out so I can finally get it all working soon enough. All right, back to the letter…

Ok, so this last week was cool. I’d say the highlight was yesterday. My bum was touched twice. Details, you say. Well…ok. So, we were working at the Caritas (the place where we give food to the homeless people) and I was Moving a whole bunch of cheese. The cheese was in boxes, and the boxes were stacked on a dolly. I was walking backwards up a ramp. Now this ramp is still under construction. The thing is stable, it’s just a huge slab of cement right now. The guy who was laying down the tile was there working, too. Now as it happens, he had placed a stack of tiles on the ramp. He was on the ground about a foot and a half or two feet lower than the ramp. Walking backwards, I obviously did not see the tiles, and I stumbled. Seeing my peril and impending doom, this heroic man reached out to help. All of a sudden, I felt a strong hand grab my bum. He had indeed reached out to help. He was too far below me to grab my back, so, that being the case, my bum got a good firm squeeze. He let go, moved the tiles, and I moved on. I felt like I needed to do something manly, though…

The second time it happened, was after we had finished serving everyone. There was lots of extra spaghetti, and they told us to eat some. OK! So, we commence the eating. All of a sudden (isn’t strange how that term is used in both instances of my bum being touched by Italians…) I feel a slight *smack* on my bum. I turn around to see a girl holding a spatula. “Buon Appetite” she says, laughing. I was thoroughly confused. I decided to take it as a compliment, but then thought against it, being a missionary, and all. And this was apart from when I was moving the boxes of vegetables, and another girl come up, and with a big grin squeezed my arm, and said something in Italian. The only word I really understood was “Muscoles.” Muscles. Again, flattered, but not my cup o’tea. So, that’s my experience with that. Other things this week…

No guitar playing. That’s a sad part. I bought a little guitar. made in china. very cheap. not very good. not very good at all. I can’t really play it. The frets are all off. it sounds horrible. Quite depressing, really. I may just keep it to look at it. *sigh*

In happier news, It’s the end of the month! That means, I’ll have money in my account again, and can dry clean my suit. And boy does it need it.

So, I found out that packages can be sent to me here in Foggia. It’s a bit of a risk, but so is all mail in Italy. There’s just as much chance of me getting it here, as there (being the mission home). Just make sure that all the customs stuff is in order. I think you can just check with the post office to find out what’s what. So, just in case anyone wanted to send me a package for my birthday…*wink wink* you should probably do it pretty soon, because some of my roommates are still receiving Christmas packages.
Other news. We’ve been teaching the Manzo family every Monday for the last month. Ciro, the husband, is not a member. He pretty much told us that it’s because he smokes, and can’t quit. We have a program for it, so we gave him the packet. I think that if, and when he gains a stronger testimony of Joseph Smith he’ll be unstoppable. Lucia is the wife. She’s a member but has been inactive for ten years until just recently. I’ve seen her testimony grow. So amazing. We are also teaching her daughter Angela. We’ve invited her to be baptized, and she’s thinking about it, but doesn’t feel ready. It’s hard to find the balance of how to react when people don’t keep the commitments to read and pray that they make with us. Only recently have I discovered how valuable it actually is to study the scriptures; to read and ponder and pray about them. That’s when your testimony can actually grow, and you don’t have to rely on others to feel it. You want so badly for your investigators to do these things. If they don’t, then they can’t progress. They don’t know what they’re missing out on, and they can’t until they gain a testimony. But they can’t gain a testimony, until they actually do something about it. We don’t want to make them feel bad for not reading, but we absolutely have to express how important it is that they do it. I hope this comes in handy as a parent.

Well, happy birthday to Katie this last week. Happy birthday to Dillan the week before. I love all of you out there in Utah land. Soon enough, I’ll have something figured out for my pictures. The marvels of modern technology. Keep the faith. Have fun. Do good stuff for other people. Don’t do anything….stupid…and be good. Remember that if you want something, just tell me, and that my birthday is in almost the time it takes a package to get here…*wink wink*

Ciao, tutti!

Anziano Jason Fullmer

to send Jason email write to

PS: His Birthday is March 1st 🙂


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