Anziano Sago Feb 6, 2008

Dear Mom,

So, I got last weeks letter you sent to me, on Monday of this week. The envelope was open, but it just looked like it came open, not like it was opened by someone. Then I got your letter for this week yesterday. Two letters in a week! Oh yeah. Of course, last week I didn’t get any…but all’s well that ends well. I guess if more people would send me letters….

Also, It would be easier if you sent my packages to me here in Foggia. I know, I said otherwise in the beginning, but the longer you do something, the more you learn… But if you do send them to the mission home, I’ll get them about once in 6 weeks. Every time there’s a zone conference, which is at the end of the transfers. Oh, which reminds me, [Explanatory Note from Sue: I received an email from Jason’s mission president yesterday telling me Jason had been called as a district leader, and in my email to Jason yesterday I told him that the mission president had said he was a hard-working, obedient, and loved the people.] I wasn’t called as a district leader. My companion was. But all the other good stuff the mission president said about me is true. I hope. I also hope that the email that was sent was intended for you, and not Anziano C’s parents…hmm. That would be funny. “Oh, oops. yeah, well, that email wasn’t for Anziano Fullmer, but he’s a swell person anyway, and uhhh…you know, full of spunk and greeny fire and all, he…isn’t district leader, but he’s…it’s not really the position that matters, it’s…” Yeah, something like that. Anyhoo, on to other stuff.

Feel free, by the way to not be obliged to write short emails. News from home is always appreciated, however I get it. So yeah. This last week we went to Bari for a zone conference. There was a McDonalds there. SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! Man, the food here is awesome, but it’s nice to have a cheeseburger and fries! Yummy. And the strawberry shake was good too. I finally got the pictures to work. [Another note: you should have received a separate email inviting you to view the pictures he describes here] I’ll give a brief explanation of a few of them…Ok, so there are nice cars in Italy. One is a Mercedes, and the other is a BMW z5. I’ve seen Ferraris and Porsches, but I’ve not had my camera with me at times. Anziano M fell asleep on the train on the way down to zone conference. Funny picture. Sorella S got to the MTC before me, but had to get surgery on her foot, so she went home for a bit, and just got here a couple of weeks ago. At zone conference, in the relief society room, there was a picture of a male hand putting a ring on a female hand. So we obliged the wrists, and rest of the bodies, and it makes for a funny picture. Also, my trainer (or “dad” as they are known), his Dad was there, so we have a three generation picture, and somehow or other Sorella S is related to us. I think she’s my grandpa’s daughter, which would make her my aunt. Either way, she’s in the picture. (I don’t have a clue how a female is in our family…I don’t know how that works, but it wasn’t me that decided it.)
There’s also a picture of me with a €100 bill. One night we went out for pizza with our English course students. Someone forked that out, and I took a picture. The Guy with the “peace fingers” is Mr. M. He teaches English at a college, and we come and help him out with his classes twice a week. He’s fluent in English, and is HILARIOUS. We get along quite well. That night ended with the two of us singing Yellow Submarine. Ah man…good times. Ok, the crazy faced elder is Anziano H, our old district leader. He was just transferred to Malta. The pink hats picture is his birthday party. The giant cake in front of me is a pandorro. it weighs about 2 pounds. We each had one. Whoever ate the most, wins. I only ate 1/4 of mine. I lost. Anziano H won with 1/2. Gah. It didn’t feel to great to wake up the next morning. The kid and stack of animals…they’re a family that Anziano M is working with. They’ve been coming to church. Hopefully they can progress some more. The weird sideways picture is that of two kids dressed up for Carnivale. (it hasn’t happened yet, but they don’t care here) It’s two penguins with ice cream all over them. Make sure Joe S sees that picture. He’ll understand, it’s his joke. The sign is on our door. It means The Elders of Israel. The two missionaries walking is just a street near our house. I though it looked cool, and as we’re waiting for Anziano M’s companion to get here, and we’re in a trio for a few days, the perfect opportunity arose to take those pictures. The one with all the people (who aren’t missionaries is my class for English Course. So yeah.

So for my taxes, I really don’t want to do them, and what’s more, It would NOT be a good idea to send them via Italian Post. If you could take care of those for me, that’d be swell. Also, about your Italy trip [Note: I’m hopeful this can happen–how cool would that be]…I was thinking…for me at least, it’d be nicer to just come home, get released, and then go back. That way, I’d be free to do stuff. Everything happens at night time and on the beach, and I couldn’t do either…so just something to think about.

Tell Dillan to work hard at Karate. I hope he get’s his first, second and hundredth belt. Keep me informed on all that Jazz. To be supportive, just keep writing. It’s simple, but it’s nice. Don’t ever mind if you think it’s too long. I love letters. Oh, and about your goal setting…[for school and beyond] The thing that helps me is to periodically look back. Not to linger, but just to take a glance. Actually look at the progress you’ve made. You’ve come a very long way with school, mom. You’re amazing! President Faust said that when performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is recorded and reported, it drastically improves. Write down your goals. Send me an outline. Take a Sunday evening and plan them out. Plan what you need to get done each day of the week. Do that in pencil. Each night, even if you’re tired, plan what you’re going to study the next day in pen. Then do it! Your weekly plans will change often. That’s fine. Some days, your daily plans will change. Also fine. just keep glancing back to look at your progress, but don’t let that hinder you in moving forward. Listen to me. I hated planning. I didn’t know that it was so important until probably this very moment writing to you about it. But it really helps. Send me your goals, your progress, and I’ll check up on you each week. I’ll help you see what you need to get done, and what you’ve done well. And I’ll give you encouragement of course, because you CAN do this. You HAVE done this. Romans 8 verse 30-something. If God be for us, who can be against us? The answer? NO ONE! Go you, mom. You rock.

Ok, well, this week has been better. The follow up appointment with the Manzo family went well. I think we can slowly build a testimony of the Book of Mormon with them. What a cool book! My companion and I set a goal to read it all this month. That’s 18.6 pages a day. I’m right on track, but it’s hard to keep up, because I keep on finding cool stuff that I’ve never seen before. It’s such a cool book. After that, I think I’m going to start on D&C. Send me your notes and stuff on that when I get to it, will you?

As for your MASH quote, I don’t know. I’ll guess Radar. He seems like the only one who would make his bed. Yours is easy, but it’s making me smile. So here you go…”What do you say, feret face?” [One more note: This is a game Jason and I have, the quote I sent to him was this, “The closest I ever came to building anything was when I made my bed.” – It wasn’t Radar, do you know who it was?]

Ah yeah.

Well, I love all of you at home. The Church is true, like always. Italian is a beautiful language, even if it is hard to learn. I can comprehend a whole lot, but I miss out on little particulars that kind of change the whole meaning of things. I still don’t know if I told a guy that I was married or not, before or would be after the mission. Oh well. Keep the faith, and you all rock. Have fun in Vegas, mom. Toodles.

Anziano Fullmer


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