Almost Finished

Today I turned in Lesson 9 — that means only the portfolio (8 – 20 of my revised and polished poems), the midterm (I’d better get on that), and the final — and I’ll be finished. No more reading, no more exercises, and no more writing poems on demand. This is one of the last ones I turned in.


Sue — who will soon be on to Writing Family History lessons.

Mountain Meadows Requiem

In evenings’ stillness
Amidst the rocks;
I hear blood crying
From Mother Earth.

The record of suffering
Engraved in nature’s memory,
Quietly weeps, for those
Who listen with their hearts.

Desolation all around;
Barren soil mourns
for innocents’ blood,
Spilled, in frenzy.

But Mother Earth knows,
She marks the place;
For those to find who gather,
sharing her sorrow, at dusk.


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