Anziano Saga 4-2-08

Dear Mommy,
I didn’t get an email from you this week, so I hope all is going well. I got one from Mel, though, so this is almost a carbon copy, but I hope you still like it.
[Melanie and her kids were in a car accident last week, the car got pretty messed up, but other than some bruising and seat belt rash, and Mel’s back being kind of out, they’re ok.] Mel, I’m glad that you’re ok from the car wreck, though. Lucky duck, you.

So I heard Melanie got to record, huh? I’M SO JEALOUS!!! I’ve missed music so much lately. You have no idea! I get a song in my head, and then I get itchy fingers, and I have no way to sufficiently get rid of them. I really miss recording, too. It takes a long time, but it’s totally worth it. I’m very much considering getting a ukelele. I’d get a guitar, but it would be so impractical, and big, and I’d probably have to leave it wherever I bought it. And that would just make me sad. But a ukelele on the other hand…small, easily transported, lightweight, and having all the proper frets to play in tune. It’s pretty much perfect.

Oh yeah, I got another package slip in the mail today, so I think it means that your package finally showed up. That’s way cool. I hope I don’t have to pay any customs charges on it, because that would just suck. But, just the same, I’m happy that there’s a package for me. And it’s only a month late. My companion is still waiting on one from Christmas. That’s Italy, I guess.

So with Anziano D [new companion after transfers], the missionary work is really going well. Last Sunday, there was a family that came to church out of nowhere; we hadn’t even invited them, yet, and there they were. The mom’s name is Alma. Anz D showed her, her name in the Book of Mormon, and her son’s name Giuseppe in a pamphlet of Joseph Smith. She took the pamphlet of Joseph Smith, and then one that talks about the restoration as well. It was pretty sweet. We also have Danilo. He’s a magician, who’s pretty amazing. And his dad is the world champion at a certain type of fencing, but I’m no sure which type, as my fencing vocabulary in Italian is slim to minimal. But, I could at least communicate. They’re a really cool family. They don’t smoke or drink (more than socially, I gather) and they’re really really nice, too. Danilo is working on breaking the record for the world’s fastest escape from a pair of handcuffs. 3 seconds. the record is 5. he’s got so much love for other people. He’s an artist, that’s for sure. Check out his site, if you’d like It’s in Italian, but it’s easy enough to navigate. “Galleria” for photo gallery, and whatnot. He speaks English pretty well, too. Not perfectly, but he does get his point across. I figure I’m the same way in Italian. Though, apparently, I’m doing pretty well for the language. Anz. D is almost done with his mission, so he speaks pretty well. He told me after a couple days that he was afraid that he’d have to teach me Italian like he did both times he trained, but he was pleasantly surprised that I spoke well. So that was flattering. I’ve almost been out here six months now. That’s crazy. It’s so hard to do all the stuff that I’m supposed to do. I always try to get up and go to bed on time (I hate mornings. That will never change) and when I do well at that, it seems like my language study suffers, and then when I concentrate on the language study, my other studies suffer, and then I try to do better with those, and then my room gets messy, then I work on that, and my personal studies suffer, and then I work on those, and my language study slips. It’s a vicious cycle. Nevertheless, I keep on keeping on with it all. I know that if I just do the best I can, it’s enough. My biggest enemy here is apathy…or maybe complacency. Just keep going and going. Plus, I’m not really worried about it. I don’t want it to get any easier. I want to make myself better so that it gets easier that way. That’s the way to do it, I think.
I really like this town. Anz. Mario just called me. He wants me to come play his guitar. I’m pretty excited about that. I’ll be taking care of that later. Now I’m very excited. I might get lunch out of it, too. But that’s only secondary to guitar playing. I’m tired of this guitar fast. Im ready to feast on some guitar playing. Then, I’ll make sure to get back to feasting on the words of Christ. They’re really cool, too. I’ve taken to reading Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage. I have to read that book with an English Dictionary just to understand most of it, but I get more out of it that way. Plus, it keeps me up in intelligent English Always a plus. I’m also trying to finish the D&C before the end of April, as well as getting a good chunk done with the Book of Mormon in Italian, and I’m still working on the Bible in it’s entirety. I’m in Deuteronomy at present, as well as D&C 60-something, and First Nephi 20 in Il Libro di Mormon. And chapter 7 in Jesus the Christ. It’s quite an undertaking. I try to read Il Libro di Mormon out loud, that way it doubles as language, and scripture study. I find I get more out of it that way.

So yeah. That’s about my week. This Saturday we’re going back to Sant Agata with Michele for more English stuff. Hopefully it’s a nicer day, and more pictures present themselves than last time. It’s an amazing looking place. Hopefully we can set something up to actually teach him some more. So yeah. I’m still pretty much stoked to be out here in Italy on a mission. I’m really grateful for all of my life experiences that prepared me for all this stuff out here. I’m glad I was taught all this stuff when I was a kid. I knew it deep down the whole time it seems. It was just a matter of figuring it all out for myself. I’m pretty much grateful for life, and the chance I have to live it, and to have a way to live it to it’s fullest, with purpose, intent, and identity. My purpose is to get back to God and become like him. My Intent is to help as many people do the same and find the same joy as I can. My identity. That’s the most important one. I’m a child of God. I hold His Holy Priesthood. I’m a big and little brother. I’m an example to people in Italy, and at home, and my family. I’m a funny person, with many God-given talents that I wish to develop. There’s so much good in life. Why would anyone want to just look at the bad? Isn’t it a tragedy when people can only see sadness, because it’s the only thing they know. I hope to be a light to the world for all those people. Even though I’m far from perfect, I can still be an influence for good. Man, I feel good. So that’s me this week. I love all of you. Thanks so much for all of your support. Toodles till next time.

Anziano Jason Fullmer


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