A Book Review: The Red Tent


Mesmerizing story. I loved that the point of view comes from Dinah, who, in the bible garners just a couple of verses. And I like that those verses provide enough of a framework for the author to create a wonderful tapestry of characters and events which had me alternately sighing in impatience, wiping tears away, and wondering. Wondering, could it have happened that way? It brought humanity to the dry pages of scripture, and helped me realize that those ancient bible stories are things that happened to real people. People who argued, hated, loved, lived, and died. It was one of those books I stayed up all night to finish, and it lingered with me the next day, all day. I was grateful for the author’s notes, which helped clarify how she wrote and where she took artistic liberties in telling the story, in context of scanty biblical evidences. That, I think, is actually what gives this story its beauty, the freedom to create relationships and tell a story. Two thumbs up.

PS:It’s coming out as a movie, too.

The Red Tent by Anita Diament

Published 2005 St. Martin’s Press
4 Star Rating on Goodreads



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