To Dillan, on His 14th Birthday

Dillan (2)

Today is my oldest grandson’s fourteenth birthday. He is taller than I am these days, and he loves the Utes, basketball, and food —and he loves to tease me.  He has lots of friends, and he’s a typical teenager; except, he’s extraordinary in my eyes. I was there the day he was born, and it was an amazing experience.  He stole a piece of my heart that day, and I will always hold him there with love.  He is growing up into a fine young man, he definitely still has those moments of teenage angst, but overall, I am pleased to say I am proud of him.

He comes over to my house sometimes, just to hang out, to make cookies with me, play games (oh, he’s loved games since he was old enough to understand what they were!)  He always makes it a point to sometimes just come over and ask me if I need help with something. He has packed and carried boxes of stuff up and down the stairs, cleaned out my car, shoveled my snow, raked leaves, and taken care of the dog, coming over every day while I was gone to feed him.  Dillan, you are awesome! Happy Birthday, and I love you.



I was looking through some old journal entries, and I came across this from when you were five.  Apparently is was a rough day.  But we all made it through. Wanna play Authors?

I love my grandchildren, I love my grandchildren. . . . I am just not up to chasing them around all day long. . . . today I’ve blockaded off the living-room, so Joslynn can only destroy one room. Her favorite way to announce she is finished eating is to toss the remaining food, and dishes from the high chair. . . and she and Dillan had a screaming contest today, getting progressively louder. She is now down (protesting loudly) for a nap, which isn’t going to happen as long as Dillan is “practicing” the drums. I’m beginning to think it would be easier to just have a full-time job, than to be doing school and tending kids. It’s a good thing they are so cute! Okay, end of vent. . . and next time I’ll write about what makes it worth it. Now off to play games with the five-year old. Gotta love Scene It Junior.


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