Project Update — Gathering Up the Pieces

Thank you so much for your support. Please continue to share this link, The Book Nook Inn Go Fund Me or this blog post if  you feel so inclined. Today’s blog details some of the things your contributions have provided. 

Over the last several months, I have been gathering up the pieces to create each room in The Book Nook Inn. I think I have finally settled on the three different rooms: The Secret Garden Room (aka The Lavender Room), The Three Musketeers Room, and the Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Room.  Each room will be uniquely decorated, with a comfortable bed, and a relaxing atmosphere.

The Secret Garden Room

This room will have an old-fashioned feel to it, and will be a combination bedroom/sitting room. It will feature a wrought iron, four poster bed, Monet prints, a divan (as my husband’s grandma always called her couch),  an armoire filled with games and other necessities, and of course a bookshelf. The flowers and eventual mural will bring to mind the garden Mary discovers in the book. Roomy and soothing, it will be the perfect place to unwind. The Secret Garden is one of my favorite books; and it’s a musical too.

Secret Garden; Room


The Three Musketeers Room

D’Artagnan of course was the young lad who came to town, seeking to become one of the famed King’s Musketeers.  The romance and adventure of this story, coupled with my own thirty year love affair with sword-fighting make this a must for The Book Nook Inn. I am excited to decorate this room in style. Don’t be surprised to see a sword hanging on the wall. If you’re not familiar with The Three Musketeers, you can read it when you visit.

Three Musketeers Room

The Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Room

This will be a fun room featuring a steampunk/nautical theme, complete with an aquarium, sailor’s chest, nets, and other fun seafaring details.  I thought that 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea lends itself well to steampunk, but I must admit, I will need some help with that, not having done the whole steampunk thing myself, yet. The California King bed, will be sure to provide a good night’s sleep, and the calming blues and greens of the room are reminiscent of the ever-changing colors of the ocean.

20,000 Leagues Room
We weren’t sure we could get the mattress under the deck to the door, but my boys made it happen.

I am of course still gathering up additional pieces for all of these rooms!. It’s been a fun adventure, kind of like a treasure hunt. I am working to be a good bargain shopper as I go along, using my $$$ carefully. In good news, I have all of the bed frames! I still need to get two queen-sized mattresses, and one queen-sized box spring.  (The California King is complete already.)  Then the bedding, curtains, and rugs.


Bathroom & Hallway

The bathroom is coming along. I painted the floorboards and door moldings, and they look nice and white against the blue. I am thinking of doing a butterfly theme for this room, or maybe dragonflies.  I also did the prep work on the floors, removing the old caulk around the bottom of the tub, and cleaning the floor. Scrubbing bubbles was my friend as I cleaned the floor after getting through the residue from old layers of linoleum, and down to the cement. What this means, is my next project will be getting the floors done in the bathroom and hallway!

bathroom floor prep

In other project updates, I finished painting the trim in the hallway. The “books” simply await the titles and adornment (and I am waiting for Jaimie to get home to help me with that project).

Hallway books 2


I need to figure out exactly how I want to create The Book Nook — which will go under the stairs; but I don’t know what dire consequences will follow if I paint under there. (See the warning in the photo.)


Under the Stairs
I want to know who Patti and Joyce are. . . it’s a mystery.


I love seeing the progress, and it is satisfying to cross things off my to do list each week.  Next up are the floors. I am so excited to see how the paper bag flooring project turns out.

IMG_2888 (1)

Thank You!

I appreciate all of the support I have received from so many of you, whether that has been a monetary donation, goods, services (I will need help with plumbing and electrical), or simply sharing links to my blog,  I so appreciate your encouraging words and well wishes, and I am truly grateful. With your help, I have been able to make this happen so much faster than I could have done on my own.


Please continue to share this link, The Book Nook Inn Go Fund Me, as you feel so inclined.


2 thoughts on “Project Update — Gathering Up the Pieces

  1. So happy to see the exciting progress! My contribution will be in the mail either tomorrow or Wednesday. (The online thing always seems to get messed up for me. 😦 Keep enjoying your adventure. Love you!


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