Project Update – The Princess & the Pea aka Mattress Acquired


In today’s update, we bring you Once Upon a Mattress, aka the story of the Princess and the Pea. (No princesses, real or otherwise were harmed in this adventure.) Our quest starts out with looking to acquire a mattress fit for a princess. And after texting sellers on KSL classifieds, to no avail, we turned to, wait for it, a mattress store. We decided the one thing that must be top notch, is a good, comfortable bed.  And I do believe we have achieved that, and at a discount too. My son has his grandfather’s skill when it comes to wheeling and dealing! Thanks, son. I must admit I felt just a wee bit silly sprawling around on various mattresses at the showroom.  It was pretty funny too when Cameron, who is 6’3”, tried out a mattress, which was only available in the twin size in the showroom. His feet hung over the end; I should have taken a picture. (But I am sure he will be grateful that I didn’t.) So that makes two complete beds. Woot! And three if I put my bed downstairs and sleep on an air mattress, which I am totally willing to do if necessary, but first I need to replace the ceiling tiles in the other bedroom with sheetrock and texturing. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. (Do I have any volunteers for that project?)

In other news, I did start  the bathroom floor.  And it went well. At first. It was after I started feeling rather light-headed and a little bit loopy that I realized I had the oil-based polyurethane, instead of the water-based kind.  I am not sure if that is what made the difference, or if it was the paper I was using,  but it had all kinds of air bubbles in it, and did not look at all the same way as the tutorial I was (trying) to follow. I thought maybe after it dried it would be better.  It wasn’t.  So last night I spent several hours peeling it off.  I will try again, but if it doesn’t work on round two,  methinks I will go with tile instead. (Which is kind of a bummer, because I really loved the look of the examples I’ve seen, and the actual floors at my cousin’s house.  So, mixed results with that. )

Floor Fail


In related news, I’ve decided to go with laminate flooring rather than carpet or the paper bag flooring in The Secret Garden Room.  That is something I know I can do by myself, and it looks nice too, and it holds up well. (I’ve had it upstairs going on ten years now, and it’s still in great condition.)  So things are coming along.  My goal is to have floors done by the 29th, which I is doable if I work on it every night after work, and all day on Saturday. Ready, set, breathe.  I am excited to see it taking shape. I have beds now, right? It’s mostly on track. Thank you for your donations! I’m sending huge thank you to those who are supporting this endeavor, and offering prayers of gratitude! I am humbled by your generosity. 
Cheers! KyneWynn


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