Project Update – A Moment of Gratitude

Pause. Breathe. Exhale. I can do this. I just want to take a few minutes before I get wrapped up in today’s projects to say, thank you. This morning I opened an envelope that contained a thousand dollar donation for my Go Fund Me campaign, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude. But it was the accompanying note that brought me to tears, which in part reads, “Here’s my investment in your new adventure. Your idea is so clever . . . I know you will do well.”   I am indeed grateful for the donation, but even more than that, I am buoyed up by the belief in me that was expressed. “I know you will do well.”


— For so many years I have struggled to become an independent,  competent woman; and so many times I have felt like I have come up short. I do my best to be caring, compassionate, and to serve others; but sometimes it feels like my widow’s mite isn’t much to give. It was an incredibly difficult thing for me to ask for help with this project to begin with.  I would much rather be on the giving end of things, you see. My whole life I was taught to be of service to others, and I have endeavored to do so.

But, with my current circumstances being what they are, at this time I am limited in the ways I can give to others; financially, at any rate. But I can give my time, my love, and my support. I can give gratitude to the wonderful people in my life who literally, are making a difference, and putting a roof over my head; (literally a new roof, because I don’t know that the current one will make it through another winter. I’ve prayed it through the last few  years, but now every time we have a strong wind, I find more shingles on the ground.)  


I will give gratitude that I have a job (finally) that I love, where I get to write every day. I go to work each day, and I don’t dread Monday’s, and there is something to be said for that.  I come home and work on the house nearly every evening, and on Saturdays, and I am grateful I have been given enough energy to do that.

I am grateful for friends who have donated, time, energy, $$$, goods, and service to this venture – from offering to let me use their tools, trailers, vinyl-cutting machine, to taking care of my plumbing issues, (Frank Hatch! If you need plumbing work done, he’s the man to call at Imperial Plumbing), to my book group for listening to me dream, to so many for simply encouraging me in what I am doing and spreading the word. You all have truly made a difference in my life. Thank you.

I am grateful for my children who have supported me the last several  years; my sons for putting their lives on hold, and moving home to help me out financially for a period of time. I am grateful that they have both found beautiful, wonderful women to marry and share their lives with. I am grateful to those women for not being resentful about the time my boys have spent helping me, lifting, hauling, and moving supplies.  I am grateful for my daughters,for their physical help with some of these projects, for their artistic advice, and mostly for their moral support, and again, belief in me. I am grateful for my sons-in-law, for letting me borrow tools, and supplying manpower, and for being supportive of my daughters helping me.

I am grateful for my extended family.  I know I have their prayers, love, and support, be that financial, physical, emotional, professional, or all of those ways.  And for my parents, and my mother-in-law, who is truly, simply my other mother. 

And I am grateful to my Heavenly Father, who has promoted so many angels to help me out. I feel loved.

So when I am feeling overwhelmed by what still needs to be done, when I am frustrated because the couch I got, which is perfect for the room, won’t fit through the downstairs doorway (anyone want to come and take a window out for me, without breaking it, and putting it back after I get the couch in?), when I see the deck swaying in the wind,

The boys pulled off part of the deck so it would be safer until I can repair or replace it.  Thanks guys.

or when I am so tired I can’t see straight, I will come back, and read this, and remind myself that I am loved and I have so many people who care, and I will give it another go.  As Kelly used to tell me, “It will be okay.  You will be okay.” Thank you all for your belief in me. I love you.  Sue/KyneWynn

PS: Should you wish to make a financial contribution to The Book Nook Project, you can do so via Go Fund Me.
And now, back to it!


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