It’s Going Down . . . the Floor That Is!

SG - Floor (1)

Look at the progress! I was so excited last night when we finished for the evening. It was slow going when I was working on it myself.  (My knees are a bit creaky these days, and it takes me awhile to get up and down from the floor.)  Jason came over while I was gone to meet my parent (who were in Utah from out of state, for dinner) and did more of the work, including the tricky part around the tile.  Then the next couplde of nights, Dillan, my 14-year old grandson started helping, and we made some significant progress.  By the second night he was helping, he was cutting the pieces, fitting them into place, and tapping them in until they were securely in place.  I became the one to measure and mark the boards that needed to be cut, and to help line things up.  I did a lot of what we named, “butt walking” to get from place to place.  (Hey, you do what you gotta, right?)  He really went to town, and now we are more then 2/3 of the way finished.  It is my hope that by tomorrow night we can have it all installed.

Then it will be a matter of putting the baseboards back in, touching up the paint in a couple of places, figuring out what to do for curtains, putting a door in, and moving the furniture into the room.  I am soooo excited!  (And when my daughter is here in June, she is going to add more of the “garden”  to the flower wall, and perhaps a swing, like in the novel.)

I am still looking for a chair that is reminiscent of furniture at the turn of the 20th century. And I need to decide on the bedding too.  I have lavender sheets, Egyptian cotton with a ridiculously high thread count.  They are VERY soft.  It’s starting to come together, and I am excited about it.

Also, if you have any leads on where I can get a steamer trunk, sturdy straight back chairs, a fishing net or buoy, and such — please let me know.

If you like this project and want to see it through completion, please share this post and my Go Fund Me campaign, if you feel so inclined.  I am being careful with the funds you have entrusted to my care.



(However you happen to know me)

PS: Did I mention I was excited?  I may or may not have danced on the new floor, doing spins and such.


One thought on “It’s Going Down . . . the Floor That Is!

  1. Facebook Comments:

    He’s growing into such a great young man!

    Good job Dillan!

    Beautiful job.

    Gorgeous floor!

    I am soooo coming to stay at your house!

    wow good job.

    I may need to borrow him in a few months wink emoticon he’s done a good job!

    It looks great!

    Go Dillan! lol

    Nice Dillan. Great job!!

    Love that kid!!! Great jot, Dillan, I still see you!!

    Wow! I’ll have to call him when I am ready to put wood floors in my house.

    Wow! I’ll have to call him when I am ready to put wood floors in my house.

    Looks Great!


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