Ceilings, Floors, and the Actual Book Nook

It has been a few days (okay, a couple of weeks) since I posted an update. During that time, I have still been working on The Book Nook Inn and both floors are done!  

Copy of SG - Floor

I must admit that I did take a couple of days off to play at the Castle with some of my friends (part of a medieval reenactment group I’ve been a part of for years.  I don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but I have done sword fighting, off and on for about 30 years.  I had to finally give it up because of issues with my shoulder, but I still love to go out and support my son, and friends who also fight); anyway, just for fun, here are some pictures of this weekend:

castle 1

Castle 2

But back to the floors.  The paperbag floor in the bathroom is finished, and in the process of receiving multiple layers of polyurethane (which creates the watertight finish for the floor).  I am pleased with the way it has turned out, given the way it started out. The goal is to finish the last of the 10 coats by Friday, and replace the toilet, sink, and trim over the weekend. Then all that will be left is to add a new shower curtains and fluffy towels!  I think some butterflies may find their way into the decor as well.  

With the help of my grandson, we finished the laminate flooring in the Secret Garden room and the hallway. It was not without its trying moments too! I am truly indebted to my grandson. For some reason, perhaps all the years of sword fighting, I’m not as spry as I used to be, knees and shoulders especially, so getting up and down to do the floor was a bit time consuming, but he is young and spry, and after I showed him how to do the line up, click, and tap into place, he went to town on the floor. I did the measuring, some cutting, and a few of the trickier places along the edges that had to be cut out, but he did a fabulous job, and I am proud of him.  I love the color too! It looks wonderful with the lavender walls, and I can’t wait to see the antique white bed set up in there.  

Dillan (2)

I mentioned the ceiling, because, I still need to finish it. Still. This post explains why it’s still not finished yet. I may resort to simply painting around each star and leaving it there. All in all during the last couple of weeks I have made slow but sure progress. I have also painted most of the trim, and I was excited that I was able to find replacement trim that matches the two pieces I broke when I was taking the trim off to paint it, and put the floor in.  

Starry starry night

Also, in exciting news, my soon-to-be son-in-law is taking on the task of creating the actual “Book Nook”  it will fit under the stairs and feature shelves for books, placed inside a door. (And who knows if you open the door, you may find yourself someplace else, like Narnia, or with the Muggles, or something.) We are going this week to get the rest of the supplies he needs to make it.  This will be the signature piece of the place, and he’s a perfectionist, so it will be just right.


What I am most excited about though, is my plan to find out the favorite book from everyone who has donated to this project, and put a copy of it in the book nook library. So let me know what your favorite book is please.

We have adjusted the date of our opening to be mid-June, so dates for the Open House/Crepe Party, have are TBD status at this point.  I am grateful to everyone who is making this dream possible. We are close on getting the two bedrooms, the hallway, and the bathroom finished up. However, we are not there yet, I still need to get a new door, replace a gate, paint another room, and finish up the linens and pillows. It’s gratifying to be this close!  So if you can share this update if you haven’t, or make a donation if you feel so inclined, I would be grateful. And, if you want to stop by and lend a hand, I have painting to do this week!  


Please feel free to leave a comment.

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