Project Update #10 — Pulling It Together



June is going by so quickly! And I’ve barely had time to breathe, let alone think; but somewhere in there I managed to do both. My daughter got married this last week, and she was beautiful, and it was lovely, and the day was an emotional roller coaster, and I am so very happy for her new husband, her, and their cute little family.  

Britt Wedding


But, with the wedding and all I fell a bit behind on posting updates to The Book Nook Inn project. We’ve been working hard every day to get things done, though, and I have a new batch of pictures to show you what we’ve accomplished in the last couple of weeks. Where to begin? The bathroom is as good a place as any.

When Nature Calls


My son, Jason, wanted to paint a nature scene in this room, so that “when nature calls,” guests can find the appropriate room. I nixed that idea, although I am going with a butterfly theme in the room, and butterflies are found in nature. I was very excited to FINALLY get the sink and toilet back where they belong. We just need to replace the innards of the toilet, and renew the caulk in the bathtub, a few other details, and perhaps add a few more coats of polyurethane to the floor and the privy will be fully functional.

Ongoing Work

My boys have worked hard this week, installing doors, light fixtures, and air conditioners, plus all the other little things that need to be done.  I have to say, this has truly been a family effort, with all of my children contributing in various ways as they are able, including my grandchildren who have hauled, fetched and carried, cleaned, pulled weeds, and more.  I am so grateful for their help!


IMG_3698 (2)

The hallway has seen some additional work on the bookshelf wall; we only need to add the titles! I just have to find the list. It took a lot of debate to decide which titles would go on the books. 

On to the bedrooms . .. I don’t know if I can express how excited I am to see them coming together so beautifully! Every piece I add just makes it more real. I just want to take a moment and say “Thank You!” to everyone who has helped make this possible.

The Bedrooms

The Treasure Island Room

a Treasure Island Room

I’ve made an executive decision, the room tentatively labeled the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea room, has undergone a name change, it will henceforth be called the Treasure Island room; and it features a seascape of a setting sun, and there will of course be a ship and an island too; but that may have to wait until my artist daughter visits again. We got the bed set up, the linens on it, and added a sea-themed lamp. The walls and trim are painted, and the room is nearly complete.  In fact, my parents who came for the wedding stayed in this room, and they proclaimed the king-sized bed, “very comfortable”  and stayed for two nights instead of just one. Everyone who has tested out the bed has commented on the comfort.


The Secret Garden Room

a Lavender Room

Every time I walk into this room, I feel happy! I love how it turned out. It too is nearly complete, with the bed set up, pictures on the wall, an armoire in the corner (complete with TV), a side table with lamp, and the beautiful floor! It is enchanting, if I do say so myself.  Of course the canopied bed, with its fairy lights and flowered pillows, is the center piece — or is that the mural on the wall? I have a hard time deciding! My daughter, Melanie, who was here from Oklahoma for the wedding, used this room while she was here, and she reports that the bed is wonderful, so that is good to know!

The Murals

I’ve always loved murals and so when we were planning, I thought, why not. Let’s add murals to the rooms. I am so lucky to have such talented children!

a Treasure Island room mural creation

a treasure island mural

Melanie is a very talented artist, and she and my other daughter, Jaimie (also a talented artist) who is here from California for a month or so worked on murals for the two rooms this last weekend.  I have to say I think they are pretty amazing! It was so fascinating to watch them take shape before my eyes. They also worked on the book-shelf wall at the bottom of the stairs, and all we need to add now are the titles. I am so excited to see all of this progress. They are truly bringing my vision to life.   

a Lavender room mural creation


a lavender room mural finished

Upcoming Projects

Projects that need to be finished this week include tile installed in the entryway, and I need to finish the tops of the steps (for now they are painted gray, even though they are only halfway painted in the picture).


A gate needs to be installed on the other side of the house, the fence needs to be moved back so my guests don’t have to contend with Captain Underfoot when they initially arrive, oh, and I need to install locking door knobs for each of the rooms.  


And of course, there is yard-work – my constant nemesis that still needs to be taken done, my back yard is a jungle, Captain disappears in the grass, and the deck needs to at least be painted, and I need to deep clean my kitchen. Do you think I will have it all done by the end of the week? I hope so, because I have made my first reservations, and I have less than a week! Who needs sleep? Apparently not me!  


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