Project Update #12 — Guests!

We have had guests at The Book Nook Inn! It is pretty exciting to see the fruition of so much hard work netting the desired result.  While we are not completely finished yet (we still have work to do to finish the Three Musketeers Room, finish the titles on the book wall, eventually add a kitchen, move the fence, more landscaping, repair the deck, and oh  yeah, replace the roof), we are functional with two rooms ready-to-go though, so that’s a good start, as Kelly would have said — and it will just get better.


Putting their favorite books, Outlander and Mistborn, on the “book nook” shelf.

I have to admit, even though I already am acquainted with my first guests, CeNedra and Josh, I was rather nervous about the whole thing. I wanted everything to be perfect. (It wasn’t, but it was pretty close.) They came for their first wedding anniversary, and I believe, based on their review, that they had a lovely get-away.  My favorite part of the review was, “It was like going to an adorable little library and being able to spend the night! . . . It was like leaving the world behind and just enjoying reading like I used to when I was younger. I loved every single minute of it and would definitely go back in a heartbeat. Her thoughtful details and the hidden memories and stories simply surround the whole place. In a way, it’s magical.”

Thank you CeNedra! I do hope you come back again, and you can choose another book from the shelf to read. (She read an entire book while she was here!)

We will be implementing some suggestions they made, including adding some color to the front, I’m thinking hanging flower baskets. And working on the yard, ever my nemesis.  I am looking for some sort of ground cover that takes minimal upkeep, because let’s face it, I would rather be reading a book than doing yard work.

After they left, I spent the next few days working to get the rooms ready for my next set of guests, a family visiting from Sweden; parents and five daughters. They were delightful, and quickly made friends with Captain Underfoot.


The other thing I loved was that they were readers, and were delighted with the titles on the stairs and the books on the shelf. The girls reminded me of myself when I was younger, with how voraciously they read. We even went to the library to borrow copies of the next books in the series they were reading, and they finished them while they were here (impressive!). It was wonderful to have them, and they too left a nice review.



My third guest came, stayed, and left — a very quiet person, and I didn’t have a lot of interaction with her; but that’s okay, the whole point is providing what guests want.  She did sign my guest book and share her favorite book.  Now I just need to find a copy of Alice in Wonderland to add to my shelf in the book nook.




The other thing that happened in the midst of everything going on was an ongoing interaction with a reporter from The Daily Herald, who was working on a story about Airbnb in Utah County.  We corresponded, and she sent a photographer to take pictures of my first guests, and the story just ran in the paper this last Sunday. You can read the article here.

IMG_3918 (1)

And when I had a spare minute, I created a Facebook Page for The Book Nook Inn and when I have a spare minute or two, I will get an actual webpage up and going, too. This has certainly become an adventure, and one of these years, I am actually going to sleep.

Thanks go out to my family, friends, and even complete strangers who have caught the vision of what I am trying to accomplish and who have supported this endeavor. May God bless you all! We will be hosting an open  house on July 24th for local friends and family to come see what we’ve done so far. I will most likely be serving crepes.  Look for the event announcement on our Facebook Page. Until next time. . . Cheerio!

Have you ever used Airbnb? Please feel free to leave a comment or share this blog post. *Pictures of guests used with permission.



2 thoughts on “Project Update #12 — Guests!

  1. Oh, how I’d love to come stay when I’m in that part of the country! Congratulations on your successful beginning.

    I smiled as I recognized myself in “let’s face it, I would rather be reading a book than doing yard work.” (My solution is to listen to audio books WHILE doing yard work.)


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