Progress Update #13 – Must Needs Organize!


Okay, so it’s not your typical fruit-bowl still life. But it’s the reality at my house these days. In fact, gathering up all of the tools and getting them organized is on my short list for projects to do this week. Because in addition to my fruit-bowl caddy, we also have a dual-purpose couch/workbench with its own girl-in-a-swing guardian. Its location in my futility room is fitting. (It’s called the futility room in homage to my mother-in-law’s coining the phrase for her laundry/storage/utility room, which she was never able to get completely organized. This room has been like that for me, it’s rather like a room-sized junk drawer.  Every home should have one.  But I digress; back to matters at hand.)

In a rare occurrence, pictured here a nearly empty futility room.


Along with the caddy and futility room,  there is the ever changing mystery of what’s behind the door of the “book nook” currently it is a mixture of building and cleaning supplies, and other random, “stuff” which tends to migrate to this location.

Behind door number one.

There is also an art gallery of sorts there, which we are revealing for the first time in a public gallery (this blog).  This collection has rarely seen the light of day. If you recognize any of the work of any of these artists, please let me know, and if you know who Patty or Joyce are, knowing that would appease the curiosity I’ve felt ever since I moved into this house in 1994.  As noted, we have no plans to paint over this particular wall, although some of the artwork was covered with the advent of the door framing.


My plan, once I get all of the above areas of my home organized (again), is to work toward getting the ceiling replaced in The Three Musketeers Room. I made a good start on that yesterday evening, as I participated in a demolition of pulling the old, stained, missing pieces, ceiling tile down. Granted, it was only Captain and me, but with him supervising (and chewing things up a bit) we got the first part done.

Now I just need to figure out how much wall board (for the ceiling) we will need, and get it and the screws to put it up, and the tape and texture supplies to finish it up. Once that is finished, we will be very close to having this room ready and functional too.  (We have actually already used it with an air mattress a couple of times for guests who didn’t care that the ceiling was ugly.  This is what the temporary set up looked like:

Captain of course is supervising/guarding the whole room. He has been surprisingly well behaved toward guests, and has managed to get several of them to take him for a walk.


While the back yard still needs some work to reclaim it from the invasion of the summer weed horde, the front is looking okay-ish. The addition of hanging flower baskets are a nice touch, I think. And the replenishment of the bark made a marked difference.  I actually want to do some sort of low maintenance ground cover in the front (suggestions are welcome, Jaimie suggested clover.)   I also have plans for a new mailbox post, my current mailbox has seen better days (which may have something to do with the fact that someone — not certain who, set off firecrackers inside of it), and the little I-have-a- letter-the-carrier-needs-to-pick-up flag is broken off, and the pole itself is a bit wobbly. So, pardon my concept art (or lack thereof) skills, I want to go with something like this:

Mailbox Design

I have to remind myself, that from chaos comes beauty. At least that has been the case so far.  So in the spirit of hope, we will end this post with a picture of something  beautiful. (It’s beautiful to me, anyway, it’s one of my favorite pictures of my six children.)

Kids jumping edited


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