Project Update #14 – Ceilings and Fences

The Book Nook Inn has been full all week! Between working full-time, keeping the rooms ready, and everything else, I’ve fallen behind on my updates. So in an effort to remedy that, this post will chronicle what we’ve done in the last couple of weeks. But first, this picture of Captain, who was having fun playing with some of our guests who stopped off here on their way to Yellowstone Park. 

FullSizeRender (2)
*Photo used with permission from our guests. Notice the xeriscaping in the foreground; I’ve become a champion with the desert landscape.


Have  you ever been walking quickly, where you are nearly jogging, but not quite, and you lose your balance?  And in order to not find yourself splayed out on the ground, you have to do a series of on the fly adjustments to get your feet under you again, so you can return to a normal pace — you know that place, right?  Well, I feel like that’s where I have been.  I think, just maybe, that I may be getting somewhat nearer a normal* pace with this project, and with my life, and that’s a good thing. 

Earlier this year, I had a moment where I DIDN’T get my feet back under myself after stumbling, and I fell, full momentum, headfirst into the fence, and dented it! Apparently that’s how headstrong I can be. It left me with a headache for several days. (I didn’t dent the big pole, but the fence itself, that was my doing.) From that I learned that I needed to watch where I was going, and to slow down. Which is something I think I need to apply to my life, generally speaking. And that’s my new philosophy, but now on to the project update.



Today I will share some pictures of what we have accomplished (and by we I mean the wonderful, wonderful men from my church who came over and did the work; and my son who came over and helped) this month.

The Three Musketeers Room is nearer to completion! After I made arrangements to get some help with getting a new ceiling put in (wall board and texture to replace stained, broken, ceiling tiles), I went to town on ripping the old ceiling out. With Captain supervising, of course.  He did discover that the taste of ceiling tiles is not much to his liking. Silly dog!



It was messy, but worth it. I was delighted at the thought of the removal of the light fixture, as well as the anticipated relocation of it. (It’s placement has NEVER made sense to me.) Luckily when we got it uncovered, there was enough play in the wiring that we were able to move it closer to the center of the room, where it currently has a temporary light fixture attached.


The “grid” that the tiles were attached to were a random collection. I’m not sure who did the basement, but it like so much else in the house was done with a unique twist. Those came down too.


I went to Home Depot, and the nice gentlemen there got me loaded up with the sheetrock I needed for the project. Then I headed home, and unloaded it myself. (I’m so buff, right?) In the blowing wind no less. A few night later, members of one of the men’s organizations from my church, The Elder’s Quorum, came over and moved the light fixture box, removed the ugly (not just ugly, but UUUUUUgly – pronounced with a long u sound), light fixture to my profound approval, and installed the sheetrock  on the ceiling in The Three Musketeers Room, and also in the closet of the Treasure Island Room. I think I was doing this little happy dance inside the whole time they were here!  


That is as far as it’s gotten. I still need to do the taping, texturing, sanding, and painting, but I will need help with that, and while I’ve arranged for some help, the room has been in use all week! So it’s good it’s been booked, but that does make it difficult to get the taping and texturing done.

The other project I requested help with was moving the fence. Why move the fence?  Captain Underfoot is the short answer.  The long answer is also Captain Underfoot — more accurately, keeping him from being underfoot. Moving the fence back about 10 feet will make it so Captain can exit the house from the deck on the upper floor and go down the stairs into the back yard, while guests will (eventually) be able to come to the side/back of the house and enter The Book Nook Inn through the door in the back, without having to go through a gate or deal with Captain being in their face at the door. This is a good thing.  I love Captain, but he does tend to get underfoot, and not everyone loves dogs (although he is lovable, and relatively well behaved).  


But, with some jerry-rigging, and cannibalizing some parts from my existing fence and gate, plus the new poles and fixtures I got, they were able to get it moved, and the posts cemented in.  Now we wait for the cement to dry (it actually already did, now it’s just a waiting game to see when they can come back to finish up). They also installed a gate on the other side of the house so there is access to the back yard (the meter readers will be able to figure it out, right?  Putting it there helped us to avoid the necessity of breaking up concrete to make a post hole.  So it’s nearly done, and it’s a win/win situation.



My plan for xeriscaping is successfully coming along (I’ve successfully pretty much neglected the back yard all summer); the front yard has relatively green ground cover, and I rather like the delicate flowers of the morning glory! The hanging flower baskets are pleasant, and they add a nice touch. We did add some mulch/bark to the front, and that made a marked difference to the appearance.  Eventually, I would like to make these, brick books, and plant rows of them in the front flowerbed that currently contains mulch.  I think it would be delightful.  



It’s been nice to slow down a  little this summer. We hope you’ve been able to do so as well. That’s the thing, the work will wait for you.  It simply doesn’t disappear; it will be there waiting for you to get to it.  

My goal this week is to get the little things finished up in all of the rooms.  And the fence restrung.  Now excuse me while I go water my flowers.


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*And of course we all know that “normal” is merely a setting on the washing machine, right?


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