Project Update #15 — Additions to the Inn Plus Plumbing Revisited, Sigh

It’s been awhile since I posted an update about The Book Nook Inn — which, I suppose, is a good thing, in that it us up and functioning and I have guests staying regularly. It’s stayed fairly consistently booked most weekends and some week days through the last several months, and I am grateful for that. So, it’s been a crazy busy summer and fall, but now that it’s finally slowing down a bit, I am wanting to finish up some needed work at the inn.

The Book Nook Inn Spanish Fork UT an Airbnb space
We added a loveseat!



We’ve added some things to The Secret Garden room, namely a love seat (thank you Brittanie!) which sits at the foot of the bed and provides a comfortable place to sit while reading , watching a movie, or just visiting. We also added a shelf to hold the small appliances (toaster, instant hot-water pot, single serve coffee maker, other supplies), and a microwave located on top of the mini-refrigerator. So this room has everything you need for a weekend stay.

3 Musketeers Room, Book Nook Inn, Spanish Fork, UT Airbnb
The Three Musketeers room, a work in progress.

In other news, we now have a bed set up in The Three Musketeers room! I am excited about this. (Many thanks to my friends Ian and Tabby for the box spring and mattress!)  The bed takes up most of the room, but that’s ok,  because people will be there mainly to sleep after all. Reports are in that it is comfortable, which is good to know. I am now three for three when it comes to comfortable beds. In fact, that is the most common comment I get about the Treasure Island room,  “That bed is sooooo comfortable.”

Check out the most comfortable bed at The Book Nook Inn, in Spanish Fork, UT
The most comfortable bed, ever!

But, back to The Three Musketeers room! I have great plans for this room.  It’s clean and functional now, but it will be awesome when I’m finished with it. The ceiling still needs to be taped and textured, but the old, stained ceiling tile is gone, and I personally threw the ugly (which is properly pronounced as ugly with a long u in this situation, one of Kelly’s words) light fixture into the bonfire we had the other night, and I was happy to see it disappear into the flames.

I’m rather hesitant to tackle the taping and texturing myself, because the last time I did was in my futility room—yes, you read that right, it is a futility room. It’s futile to ever try to get that room completely cleaned out, it’s kind of like the junk drawer room of the house—currently, it is the repository for all of the things that don’t fit into my second upstairs bedroom or out in the shed. At one time we did use it for a bedroom, and it was then that we painted it and did the ceiling, and my first attempt at texturing does show the seam. Some day, I am going to just be able to pay someone to do all of these types of things for me, but until then, I get to learn new things.  (Anyone want to come help me learn how to do taping and texturing correctly? I’ll  feed you, and you can laugh at my efforts.)

The rest of the room will be fun to do though. I will be using some scrolls I have on the walls, and putting curtains all the way across the back wall to set off the bed, and perhaps suspending a mini canopy from the ceiling over the bed, because I think that fits the theme of the room nicely. Each room also has a nutcracker related to the room (I have been collecting nutcrackers for over thirty years now.) I have two musketeers already, Athos and Porthos,  but I still need to get Aramis and  D’Artagnan, and then I will have the set for the room—perhaps I should also get Cardinal Richelieu, there has to be opposition after all. The other thing I want to put in there is nice, leather bound copy of the book.I  So that is all in the works; however, a doublet, a rennaissance style dress, and the swords are already in place.

The bathroom. Sigh. The bathroom is my nemesis. It seems there is a slow, seeping leak at the base of the toilet, which will ruin my floor (and after all the work of doing the paper bag floor in there, the last thing I am going to do is let a slow leak ruin it); so that is my project this afternoon. Take it off, clean up all the wax, and try again. And, based on prior experience, I know it won’t be as easy to do as your typical how-to-do-it You Tube video shows — everything is so neat and clean in those videos, and you and I both know that’s not the way it really is, right?!

I do know that when it comes to plumbing I have to plan for it to take twice as long as I expected it to,  multiplied by three times the cost, plus the additional frustration factor added in, and with the possibility I will have to admit defeat. I know whereof I speak, as plumbing has been a long-time nemesis of mine—but I keep trying to do it myself because of  necessity, my own pride, and the $$ cost of hiring someone (and my favorite plumber who lives down the street is just a phone call away, but I hate to have to ask for help, especially when I can’t always pay the going rate, but I am grateful for the help I have received—big kudos to  Frank Hatch of Imperial Plumbing  who is a generous and amazing guy. If you need plumbing work done,  I whole-heartedly recommend him).  Sometimes though, I do succeed with my plumbing projects, and then I do a happy dance.  So we’ll see what today brings.

Bathroom Update:  I succeeded! It is back in, no leaks, and in a departure from past norms, there was no crying or cursing involved in the project.  Now I just need to complete the repairs to the floor, and add a silicone seal to the base and it’s better than ever.

My goal this week is to take care of the details that I’ve put off, you know, things like putting up mirrors, finishing some trim work for the floor, doing something to get the doors to stop squeaking (ideas are welcome),  some touch up painting, and add the other book titles to the wall, and figure out what to do at the top of the book nook.(In fact, if anyone wants to come over and help, I won’t say no to some assistance.)

Overall, this has been quite the (ad)venture! I am working to get it completed, and then I can start on the outside—I’m sure the City of Spanish Fork, UT  will soon get on board in regard to my back to the wilderness landscaping my yard is currently sporting. It definitely is an ongoing project/process which I tackle in between full-time work, family, and community stuff. But I love it (the Book Nook Inn, not yard work)! Sometimes, I go sit downstairs just to enjoy the ambiance because it’s so peaceful and inviting there, and there is still a part of me that is enchanted with the whole canopy thing (I always wanted a canopy bed when I was a little girl), and reading, always reading.

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