Hot Chocolate

This evenhot-chocolate-570509_960_720ing, following an overcast, drizzly day,  I had to turn the furnace on to warm up the house a bit. The inside temperature is at about 67 degrees, which is perfect for drinking a cup of hot chocolate before I go to bed. Hot chocolate and toast have been a long-time comfort food for me. There is something soothing about butter melting into the toast, and alternating sips of the hot chocolate with bits of buttery bread. As I was enjoying the warmth the cup brought to my chilled fingers, I was reminded that I once wrote a poem about hot chocolate, so I searched through my files, running into other poems that I may one day post, to find it and share the essence of the experience with you.


       Hot Chocolate

Steamy clouds


Whispering froth


Rich fragrance


Creamy, smooth


Floating gently,

A wisp of white


Velvety, dark, decadent,


Sipping slowly,

I sigh.


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