Requiem for a Potted Plant

Hanging flower baskets at The Book Nook Inn in Spanish Fork

Note that the flowers in the hanging pots are not dead, yet.

Apparently I am on a poetry kick, my last three posts have been poems. I was looking for a different poem in my files when I came upon this one, a poem I had forgotten that I had even written. Today, with blustery winds and overcast skies and a bit of a chill in the air warning that fall is coming to a close, is perhaps, the perfect time to share this poem.  Or, maybe it was the hanging baskets out front their summer foliage turned brown from the first hard frost that prompted me to share this poem.


              Requiem for a Potted Plant

A daughter’s artistic gift,

A  ceramic plant pot

Cleverly painted—

An optimistic  cheery plant

Vibrant,  thriving, hopeful—

(that I won’t kill the plant this time)

—but, twist the pot around;

Reality lies there.

No happy plant this

A bedraggled, struggling clinging vine

An artist’s bubble captures its dark thoughts,

“Rest in Peace” on a tombstone engraved.

The struggling plant is doomed—

A banner neatly lettered

Around the ceramic brim proclaims,

“The Dead Plant Pot”

A requiem.



I did manage to keep a plant alive in this ill-fated pot for almost two years. . . before it died of neglect. I don’t know why, but I can never seem to remember to water plants. I did NOT inherit my mother’s, and her mother’s before her,green thumb! I would love to show  you a picture of the pot in question, unfortunately, before I could put another plant in, and attempt to keep it alive, the pot itself met an untimely demise, dropping onto the cement and shattering with a vigor that would have put Humpty-Dumpty to shame. I bravely salute its attempt to make a gardener of me, but based on the current state of my yard, and the decided lack of any type of living plants in my home, it did not succeed in this endeavor. But having had this pot remains a fond memory of my daughter’s creativity and humor.


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