In Fifty-Five Words

pretty 2
Kelly and me, shortly before we were married.

November 9, 2016. Today marks the 12th anniversary of my husband, Kelly’s, death. There are so many things I could write. There are so many things I have already written. There are so many things hidden in the recesses of my heart that I can’t put into words, yet I feel them to my very core, inexpressible. So tonight—or rather this sleepless night/morning, I’m sharing a poem, which though brief, reflects that November evening and early, early November morning, when my life changed forever.  Sure Love Ya, Kelly —and as Wesley (Princess Bride the Man in Black) says, “Death cannot stop true love.”  I will be with you again one day. 

About the poem: Several years after Kelly’s death, I was taking a creative writing class,  and one of the assignments was to write a  fifty-five word story, with a clear beginning, middle, and end, preferably with a twist in  just 55 words. I wrote the story, which I later turned into a poem:

In Fifty-Five Words                       

My husband and son,

Playing father and son

in “Dead Poets Society.”

On stage, the dialogue

Between the character


and his father  was electric

– just like watching them

At home.

Teenage angst.

Overbearing father.

In a way,


In the end,

on stage,

the son commits suicide.

At home, that night,

My husband



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