Project Update #16 —The Three Musketeers Room Completed!

Life has been crazy busy, and even though I’ve needed to update my progress on The Book Nook Inn, it simply hasn’t happened. But today is the day. The biggest news is that The Three Musketeers Room is complete! This makes me very happy (which is an understatement, to say the least).

When last we spoke, the room needed a new ceiling, some electrical work, and suitable bedding. I have to admit, the biggest job, the ceiling was in a word, intimidating. I wanted it to look good and based on my past experience in doing taping and texturing, my results were functional, but not necessarily pretty.  In theory it’s a fairly easy process — tape, texture, paint. But watching You Tube videos and actually doing it are definitely two different things. I know this from personal experience gained during a plumbing project.. So, I did the next best thing, I called my brother, David, who has a lot of house building and remodeling, to ask him the best way to go about it. His answer, “Hire a professional.”  Which was great advice, except for the fact that my budget for doing this project was zilch. I had the materials to do it on hand, but that was it. I had to laugh though at his comment, and agreed, adding, something to the effect that it would be great to do that, had I the funds. Then he said, find someone to do it, and I will pay for it. (Bless him! Bless him!)


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