Walking in the Rain

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Update: It’s a rainy day, in fact it’s pretty much been a rainy week, and today I was listening to a song called Petichor, performed by Chrome Street, and it reminded me of this post about rain, so I decided to share the link to the song here, and share this post again for National Poetry Month. 


The other day, at a second-hand store, I bought a book of poetry featuring four poets for The Book Nook Inn. Three of the poets I was already familiar with —Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, and Robert Frost—but the fourth, Langston Hughes, I was not. As I skimmed through the book of poems both familiar and new,  one poem, in particular, caught my eye. The words evoked memories of me walking in the rain, Stormy, my German shepherd at my side, the gentle pitter-patter of raindrops falling on my upturned face, the wet-hair smell of my hair transforming into bedraggled curls, resting, damply against my neck as I walked, breathing in the damp smell of earthiness reawakened mixed with wet pavement.   Drops of rain glittering amongst the apple blossoms of my favorite reading tree, dripping on my head as I walk beneath.  Or watching a multitude of drops dancing across the smooth surface of an irrigation ditch, silvery in the stormlit afternoon. Oh! how I love walking in the rain an invitation to my senses to see the world born anew.  So then the poem that sparked this bit of musing.

In Time of Silver Rain

            by Langston Hughes

In time of silver rain
The earth puts forth new life again,
Green grasses grow
And flowers lift their heads,
And over all the plain
The wonder spreads

Of Life,
Of Life,
Of life!

In time of silver rain
The butterflies lift silken wings
To catch a rainbow cry,
And trees put forth new leaves to sing
In joy beneath the sky
As down the roadway
Passing boys and girls
Go singing, too,

In time of silver rain When spring
And life
Are new.



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