KyneWynn the Kind — 11 Line Autobiographical Poem

KyneWynn for blog

April is National Poetry Month, and I’ve joined a poetry challenge, which is to write a poem a day for thirty days. If you would like to follow along (or join the challenge), this is where the poem prompts originate: Stephanie Says So.

A little background about this poem — KyneWynn is a persona name I’ve used for over twenty-five years. I chose it when I joined a historical re-creation group focused on researching and recreating life in the Middle Ages. This group was the perfect place for me to exercise two of my favorite things, history and sword fighting.

I’ve always loved history and my sword fighting career began with fighting my brothers with sticks then moved to being on a collegiate fencing team on to finding and joining the Society for Creative Anachronism where I found the perfect combination of history and hands-on sword fighting (video credit Charmone Nekiha Ford).

For over 30 years I enjoyed the thrust and parry, the excitement of blades playing off each other, and being on the field with my brothers and sisters — it’s kind of like playing chess at 100 mph.  I had to retire from fighting a couple of years ago, and I miss it tremendously. So today, I am honoring my journey with this autobiographical poem based on my persona, KyneWynn, White Scarf in the Kingdome of Artemisia.*




Kind, passionate, intelligent, witty

Sibling of Defenders of the White Scarf

Lover of living “the dream” with amazing people

Who feels grateful to have a wide circle of friends

Who needs to be in attendance at more events

Who gives advice when asked and looks for the good in others

Who fears politics splintering the Society and ruining “the dream”

Who would like to see herself, sword in hand, on the tourney field again one day

Resident of the Awesome Province of Arrows Flight

KyneWynn the Kind — Dona


*Visit SCA Newcomers to learn more.


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