A Prickle of Porcupines

April is National Poetry Month, and I’ve joined a poetry challenge, which is to write a poem a day for thirty days using a different poetry form each day.  If you would like to follow along (or join the challenge), this is where the poem prompts originate: Stephanie Says So.

Day 25 — Free Verse Poem



 A Prickle of Porcupines                        

               (An ABC Poem)

An army of Ants moving bits of bread.

A cloud of Bats flying overhead.


A murder of Crows pecking near sand.

A raft of Ducks floating on the pond.


A parade of Elephants lumbering by.  

A charm of Finches sweeping the sky.


A tower of Giraffes munching hay.

A cackle of Hyenas circling their prey.


A swarm of   Insects buzzing free.

A scold of Jays squawking in a  tree.


A troop of Kangaroos looking for fun  

A leap of Leopards basking in sun.


A stream of Minnows swimming along.

A watch of Nightingales singing a song.


A romp of Otters splashing downhill.

A prickle of Porcupines fanning their quills.


A covey of Quail settling down.

A bury of Rabbits under the ground.


A shiver of Sharks gathering enmasse.

An ambush of Tigers hiding in grass.


A blessing of Unicorns greet the day.

A nest of Vipers slither away.


A pack of Wolves eerily howl.

A yoke of OXen pulling a plow.


A herd of Yak snorting aloud.  

A zeal of Zebras standing proud.


Of all the GROUPS there are to be.

I’m glad I live with my FAMILY.


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