2019 Reading Challenge

It’s rare that everyone in the group loves the book, reads the book, or comes every single month, but regardless, there is a cohesiveness to our book group that I treasure. . . I love this group of ladies; they’ve been there with me and for me through many of life’s up and downs, and they’ve introduced me to many of books I may not have picked up otherwise.


Sitting On a Corn Chip

This poem, about corn chips is my effort at writing bad poetry on purpose.  In it I attempted to break all the writing rules – so you will see cliche, mixed metaphor, and other broken rules – yet I think it still works in an odd sort of way.

100 Books to Read *A subjective list*

This is not a list of my favorite books (although a lot of my favorites are on this list), but rather it is a list of books that I think a well-read person should be working on. So far I've read about 3/4 of them — and of course, new books are coming out all … Continue reading 100 Books to Read *A subjective list*

Turkey, Turkey,Turkey, Dessert

Because Thanksgiving is this week!

Cutestuff Cooks

1075867_10200825825020748_1647833426_n Kelly carving the Thanksgiving turkey, about 1995, note the holiday dishes. I worked hard selling Tupperware to get those dishes as a sales bonus. We still use them thirty-some years later.  The turkey looks good, too!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love that it is all about gratitude and family. The other thing I love about Thanksgiving is that it’s not commercialized. It’s about food, family, and fun, and being grateful. (And yes, I do insist we go around the table and share something we’re thankful for, but not before we start eating!)  I love to have my family get together, to laugh, to talk, and to eat. A bonus of being an empty nester is that now when they come for Thanksgiving dinner, they come bearing side dishes, or they even cook the turkey, or they host the dinner. (In fact, I haven’t cooked the Thanksgiving Turkey in years, thanks…

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Reflections of Widowhood

November 9, 2018 will mark fourteen years since I lost Kelly. This is what I wrote yesterday. Today is a better day, but the questions still remain.  Reflections of Widowhood after 14 Years November 7, 2018 Sometimes what is in your heart precludes being productive and getting things done. The last few days have been … Continue reading Reflections of Widowhood