Haiku for the Futility Room

So many papers, documenting my life. One of the things I found was a binder full of poetry I've written. Hundreds of poems. Today I share a haiku I created about sorting through my life in paper. 


Wherein Our Heroine (Attempts to) Clean Out the Futility Room aka The Benefits of Downsizing

I still love old things. I love the history and meaning behind them. I used to love to go to restaurants decorated with antiques with my father. I would point to the various items on the shelves and walls, and he would tell me what it was and what it was used for in years gone by.

My Top 10 Hints for Maintaining Your Sanity While Trying to Create an Orderly Home —Nuggets of Wisdom My Past

— As I was saying, I am going to lose my futility room in favor of having a kitchen downstairs so The Book Nook Inn will consist of three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen, with a private entrance, and I won't chance Africans gutting fish in the middle of my kitchen floor at 2:00 a.m. again . . . but that's another story for another time. 

Alexander Dumas and The Nutcracker Ballet AKA Fun Facts to Know

Having a nutcracker collection was rather an afterthought. I didn't purchase my first one with thoughts of hey, I'm going to start a nutcracker collection and add to it every year until I'm eighty.  The fact of the matter is that we purchased the blue-coated soldier nutcracker from a shop in the fairy-tale town of Rottenburg, Germany. 

Thanksgiving – It’s About Family

Thankfulness, service, and family. That’s what’s it’s all about. I sure love my family. They're the best! I just wish all of my kids — my Oklahoma contingent and my California girl — could have been here with us. Thanksgiving truly is my favorite holiday — and I get to have it again with my extended family later this week! I am blessed. 

Where I Started

Beautifully written and insightful- my friend Janet’s post.

Experience Courage

st rose

I was born in Henderson, Nevada on November 9, 1965.  Back in the day, the hospital was staffed by nuns.  I have a visual of nuns walking the halls and singing songs from the Sound of Music.

In 1965, Catholic Charities referred many mothers who had chosen adoption for their unborn children to St Rose De Lima Hospital.  This was the Catholic Hospital in Clark County and many babies were born here.  There was also an un-wed mother’s home in Henderson called Miriam House.  Catholic Charities took care of the mothers here as they waited to deliver.   I always wondered if my birth-mother spent any time in this home.

There were 2 wings in the hospital.  One was for babies that had 2 parents, the other wing was for unwed mothers.  The idea of this has always felt sad to me.  When a woman was ready to deliver, and adoption…

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