A Little Summer Reading

I rather miss the summers when I was home with my kids. I would let them stay up as long as they wanted to at night, as long as they were reading a book.


Dancing with Mr. F

Singles dance — at first it went well, I danced with several benign gentlemen, a couple of nice ones, and one I would have liked to get to know better. And then, it happened. Thankfully, I don’t recall his name, so I’ll just refer to him as Mr. F from here on out.

Let Me Powder My Nose: A Brief History of Powder Rooms

Because the topic came up again at work when we were looking at floor plan pages.

KyneWynn's Chronicles

shutterstock_255868366“Let me just powder my nose.” It’s a phrase we’ve all heard from time-to-time, and everyone knows that no powdering is actually going on, but we still use it. Why?

Recently, I came across an apartment website that boasted “powder baths” among its amenities. Not having heard this term before, which by-the-way I think is a ridiculous term, I decided to do some research and see what I could find out about it. My conclusion is that it is an awkward conflation of powder room and bathroom. Apparently powder room or half bath was insufficient to describe what this apartment community offers its residents. Then I found myself looking into the history of powder rooms, and of course, I have to share what I found out.

The Powder Room — A Brief History

Initially, the powder room was the place in an eighteenth-century home where one went to refresh the…

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