Book Reviews & Poetry

Poetry has often been a way for me to release my feelings by putting them into words.  This page is a repository for some of my poems.  And I will start with this one, it’s written, roughly in the sonnet form (I never could hear the stressed and unstressed bits, even though I understood from a poetry writing class that they should be heard).  It is rather whimsical though, and has some lovely imagery.



The Clothesline

Summer wind blows, stirring overgrown lawns.

Fluttering, dancing clothes, hang on the line.

Dresses weave and twirl, such rich  jewel-toned gowns;

White cotton sheets beat a crisp counter time.


Heavy denim Levis hang in a row;

Blue columns of legs parade in stiff stance.

Big, color-splashed beach towels dragging down low

Suddenly snap in a wild, windy dance.


Billowing blanket escapes wooden pins,

Rapidly flapping, flying loose, undone;

Roiling wildly across the grass it spins,

First whipping then flipping, under the sun.


Clouds gather, darkened sky, here comes the storm;

Limp, drenched, dripping, the wash has  lost its charm.



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