I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. . . .

So I caved in and checked my grades for my midterm and portfolio (which counts for 60 percent of my grade) for my poetry class (which I wasn’t going to do until after I took the final) — and I had an A- on the portfolio and an A on the midterm. . . so now I just need to get at least an A- on the final, which I’ll be taking this week. –I know Kadrina, grades aren’t what’s important, but there’s this streak in me that continues to think so. . . I was also able to pull up a synopsis of what’s included in senior English class and the capstone class —

Engl 495
In-depth study of a limited area of literature, language, or criticism. Content varies; requires research and creative writing. 21 lessons, 21 submitted; final.

St Dev 490 – Capstone Class


Culminating course required for bachelor of general studies degree: analyze and evaluate BGS experience in light of the “Aims of a BYU Education” and summarize this experience in a reflective paper, integrate material learned in emphasis by completing a scholarly essay, and demonstrate accomplishment of learning outcomes. Independent Study only.

Course Content

1. Compose Scholarly Essay
2. Submit Sample Papers
3. Complete Portfolio Summary
4. Compose Reflective Paper
5. Evaluate Capstone Experience

Now does that sound fun (insert sarcastic tone here) or what. I can’t wait to do the portfolio summary — where I get to write a one page summary for each class about how the class has fulfilled the mission of the university hmm, lets see, I’ve will have taken a total of 23 classes since I began this program — 23 pages of summary. Okay — by the end of July (when everything has to be turned in) I will assuredly be a blithering idiot. Hopefully the senior English course that is next up won’t be too bad.

The good news is no textbooks are required for either class, that will save me some $$$$$$ — End of rant. . . I can do this, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. . . and it’s probably a good thing Rat will be away working for the summer, I have a feeling I may have to be something of a hermit until the end of July. (But I am going to Uprising!)

Now back to writing, I am on page 12 of my 20 -40 page assignment for my current class, which has to be done, submitted, then revised and the final copy turned in by the end of the month if I am to stay on track and graduate in August.




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