My Love Affair with Books

Books collage

I don’t remember learning how to read, it just seems that one day at school, I could. I think my love of books began as I sat with my father listening to him tell me stories about Reddy Fox, Paddy Beaver, and Doc Possum, or looking at the illustrations as he read Black Beauty, The Wizard of Oz, Heidi, and other books to me.  It just seems that I’ve always loved books.  The texture of the paper, the smell, and the sound they make when you ruffle through the pages.

What adventures reading has opened to me! When I was a girl, I climbed out onto the roof of the two-story, hundred-year old house we lived in, and I explored the world, my nose in a book, from my perch, high above the ground (sorry for scaring you mom, it really didn’t seem that steep to me). I loved that no one could find me or bother me when I was up there,  hidden in plain sight. I also loved to disappear in the  leaves of the apple tree, munching on a green apple as I devoured a book.  And of course I lost count years ago of the books I completed snuggled in bed. On many occasions the breaking dawn has spilled through the window as I am finishing the last chapter of a book I stayed up all night to finish a book, or sigh and put it aside until I could get back to it.

I would be hard- pressed to choose a favorite book, although I must admit I am partial to Jane Eyre (I have read it at least five or six times.) And I delight in reading thick, word-filled novels (I read both Roots and Gone with the Wind when I was about fourteen).  My Goodreads library numbers over 1,000 books — and those are the titles I can remember! Plus 239 books on my to-read shelf.  If you want to be my friend on Goodreads, here is the link.  Yeah, I am kind of a book worm.

My favorite genres are Historical Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, the Classics, and lately I have (surprisingly) developed a taste for well written Fanatasy.  The book club I am a member of has been meeting together monthly for over seven years, and because of that, I have read a lot of books I may never have picked up otherwise, and of course the food and conversation are always convivial.  And I am happy that I learned my “reader’s rights” – which include not finishing a book if I don’t want to!

So here I will write of books, and why I loved (or detested) them.  Read on fellow bibliophiles.


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